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Different types of Pressed Flowers

The Pressed

Bouquet preservation and pressed flower artwork, lovingly handcrafted in Buckinghamshire UK


Beth treated the flowers with love, care and dedication. She checked in with me and asked questions at key moments, also offering her professional opinion.

"I loved my wedding flowers so much and they formed such a lovely part of the day. The bouquet was natural and simple yet wafty and elegant. I knew I needed to keep a part of it, most importantly because the flowers were a wedding gift from my grandma and had extra special meaning. Beth treated the flowers with love, care and dedication. She checked in with me and asked questions at key moments, also offering her professional opinion. The finished product is beautiful and speaks for itself. I would recommend Beth to anyone who wants to reserve not just their flowers but also their cherished memories!"


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It’s our memories that make us who we are and help us to tell our stories. Let’s preserve yours…

Imagine being able to enjoy the bouquet you carried with you down the aisle long past your wedding day. Or being able to save those special memorial flowers as a reminder of a precious loved one. Using a range of pressing techniques and years of experience, Sprig & Press can transform your most treasured flowers into a framed, heirloom-quality keepsake. 


Our house framing style uses stained-glass techniques to capture your pressed arrangement between two panes of protective UV glass. Every stage from pressing to packaging is completed in-house, giving Sprig & Press full control over the workmanship from start to finish. 



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Your flowers will be carefully pressed, glued, and then sealed in a handmade frame. The whole process takes up to 14 weeks.



Drop-off or post your flowers to our studio. We’ll need them within 3 days of your event.



After a final polish, your framed bouquet will be packed with care and posted back to you.

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Hi, I’m Beth, the floral-loving founder behind Sprig & Press.

You can normally find me in my Buckinghamshire home studio preserving bridal bouquets and memorial flowers, out foraging for wild blooms, or in my garden growing all sorts of flowers for my own artwork. It’s fair to say I’m flower obsessed!


My preferred method of preservation is flower pressing and for this I use a mixture of both traditional and modern techniques, honed through years of practice. I also make all of my frames by hand and enjoy doing this as much as I enjoy pressing the flowers that go in them.


I’ve pressed flowers since I was small, but didn’t take it up seriously until I preserved my own wedding bouquet. A family member then asked me to do theirs, followed by another request from a friend, and soon Sprig & Press was born! It’s always such an honour to be entrusted with someone’s special flowers and I treat them all with the same respect and care that I did when pressing my own.

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